Education and Scholarship

Education is the way out of poverty and the slums..

Education for Life

With a common history, these orphaned and abandoned children are determined, faithful and hopeful.

The orphaned and abandoned children living at Good Samaritan Children’s Home in the crowded and polluted slums of Nairobi, Kenya, have a common history. Their parents died from AIDS or were financially, physically or emotionally unable to care for their children. Before coming to Good Samaritan many of these children were staying with distant relatives, living in a child-headed household sustained by an older sibling, or barely surviving as street kids.

These orphans have experienced more violence, abuse, and loss than most people can imagine. Yet they have a strong faith and are amazingly hopeful about the future and genuinely thankful for the opportunity to continue their education.

Education for these at-risk youth is not only a dream come true, but also an opportunity for healing and renewal. As one of our students explained, “To keep my mind focused on school makes me forget the painful times before.”

At age 18 the orphans age out of the Good Samaritan Children’s Home. If they do not have a good secondary school education they are likely to end up living in the streets with no skills and no hope. Secondary school education and vocational training give them a chance for a better life.

$60 for one school uniform (shirt, skirt/pant, sweater, underwear, socks, and shoes)
$50 for personal hygiene (soap, toothpaste, show polish, Vaseline, sanetary pads, etc.)
$50 for bedding and storage (mattress, blankets, sheets, bucket, metal storage box)
$100 for school supplies (books, backpack, paper, pens, notebooks, etc.)
$200 for school fees for one student (lodging, administrative and academic fees)
$400 for full support of one student for one year of secondary school

Education for Girls

Education creates a life-changing future

ACOHF is especially committed to supporting education for girls and getting them out of the slums where rape and violence are common. Without an education these girls are often forced into early marriage and pregnancy or they become housemaids who are often subject to abuse. Education provides these girls with awareness of opportunities, builds self-esteem, and develops knowledge and life skills.

Rubate Secondary School

A peaceful place for learning

ACOHF funds approximately 40 students at Rubate Secondary School each year. We begin supporting students in Form 1 and continue through Form 4 and high school graduation.

After enduring the crowded, polluted and dangerous environment in Nairobi’s urban slums, students appreciate the peaceful atmosphere of this rural area near Mt. Kenya. They describe it as having “good air and enough space” and “a calm environment for studying.”

Rubate secondary boarding school in Chuka, Kenya, was established in 1993 with support from the local community. The school has well-maintained classrooms, a science laboratory, dorm rooms, dining hall and administrative block. Rubate was ranked #2 in the county based on mean scores from the national exam. Current student population is more than 320 students. The structured curriculum includes Math, English, Kiswahili, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Agriculture, Business Studies and History.

Comments from Our Secondary Students

“I recall it was on a Tuesday when I found that I would be going to school. Truly that was a day worth recalling for my entire life. There was joy in my heart. I was going to high school.”

I found that my life has started a small space. Before I was sponsored I had no hope for my future. Then we were admitted to Rubate High School where I saw my future in my own eyes in the school.”

“I thank God for just giving me a chance to learn. I am going to make it in life. I say thanks because if not you now I could be a street child. I promise to work hard and be a role model to younger ones. I won’t let you down. I know that I will achieve my dreams no matter what I have gone through.”


University Scholarships

Getting a degree from a university is an impossible dream for the orphans from Good Samaritan. ACOHF has expanded our secondary school program to include two university scholarships for the best students among those we have supported.

Three of our scholarship students have graduated from Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Nairobi with degrees in Social Work, Computer Science, and Accounting. We are currently supporting a Nursing student at Regina Pacis University College and a Business student at the University of Nairobi.

Contributions for the ACOHF scholarship program allow one of the top female students and one the top male Good Samaritan students that we have supported in high school to continue their education to earn a university degree.

Higher education opens up a whole new world for these young people and transforms their life and their future. It also provides an opportunity for them to make a positive contribution to their community. One of our first scholarship students described a new understanding. “I used to blame others for my problems and now I take responsibility and look for solutions and how I can help solve problems.” One of the conditions of the ACOHF university scholarship is that the graduates must give back in service to help others in their community.

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