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Your donation helps continue important programs to the women and children in the slums of Nairobi

How you can help

Nutrition is essential to health and well-being. Feeding as many as 200 hungry children at Good Samaritan is a continuing challenge.

Good Samaritan currently provides housing, food and pre-school education to as many as 200 children who have been orphaned by AIDS or abandoned because their families could no longer feed and care for them.

Education for these at-risk youth is not only a dream come true, but also an opportunity for healing and renewal.

ACOHF provided funds for new equipment, boilers and an industrial sewing machine, entrepreneurship training and marketing strategies that increased sales and allowed the members to take a salary.

The Community Technology Center(CTC) at Thiiri was established in 2007 by ACOHF in partnership with Microsoft. Three consultants from Microsoft helped set up the CTC and coordinated several days of training for Meru women’s groups, school teachers and business leaders.

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